Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Ive had a busy few days making lots more cushion cuddles ( I like the sound of cuddles more than creatures!) mainly owls just now, but Ive cut out patterns for smiley heart ones too and will be cracking on with them after writing this.

I think I will do a few mini cushions as well with hand stitched patterns on the front- maybe just 8" x 8" squares. I think when I have around 12 items that I feel work really well as a tight collection then I will put them on Folksy. I have to have a good think about marketing and pricing now too, as well as the ongoing problem of having spectacular photography, grr!


  1. Love them! I especially like the spotty one but they are all great.

    I remember making something like this when I was at school..think it was called a gonk??

  2. Thanks Shpangle. I just typed gonk into google images and it pulled up lots of the strangest little creatures- good to look at, I'd never heard of one before.

  3. I love your owls! My favourite is the floral one, she's very pretty :)

  4. oh, i love owls :) how sweet :)

    I found your blog through the Etsy forums and just wanted to say hi and that you have a new follower! Have a beautiful week!

    xo, Katie

  5. What a gorgeous blog! Love the idea of some smaller ones too-my little girl would love that-she'd call it a Mummy and a baby!

  6. these are too cute! twit-woop!x