Monday, 12 April 2010

Blonde, brunette and redhead

I'm having a bit of a frustrating time working on this blog at the moment. You will see it changing about lots while I try and sort out a new header and get a better page layout. I cant decide between a header which is busy or fairly plain? Also If anyone knows how to put pictures on please let me know-I want to create a gallery down the side and it wont accept any urls I paste, grr!

Anyhow, back to the title, I thought I would show a pic of the designs I have been working on for some new cushions. Ive done three variations each with a slightly different theme and hair colour. I think they would look cute in a little girls bedroom. They have been painted out in gouache and the final design will be done in machine embroidery (hopefully).

I am also working on more cuddle cushions at the moment and I have just made my first cat. I have a few more ready to sew, so when I have them made I will post the pics on here.


  1. love your jolly new look :)
    new designs look great too....but as a red head i'd be biased!

  2. You do really beautiful work! I hope to see you visit my blog!