Monday, 24 May 2010

One of the three...and three more

I thought I would share the first painting from a set of three I started working on a couple of years ago (I know, very slow- been getting them out, doing a little, putting them away and on it goes). This one is complete and I think the second one is 99% done- number three still has a way to go.

I've never kept a diary but I think painting is a sort of outlet for emotions for me. The three paintings in this collection are all to do with balance in the body and what can happen when that balance is upset. This is painted in gouache with collage and pencil.

Ive been doing quite a bit of drawing the last couple of nights and thought you might like to see a couple of the sketches Ive done. They are based around the cuddle cats and zebra pants owls I like to make. I drew Mr Zebra Pants minus his pants first (ooh er) and had him staring inquisitively at a little passing bird. I quite liked the tree I drew beside him which led on to the second drawing.

This time I thought I would draw a few more trees and I put them round a few houses in the woods. These drawings are just pencil on card. I think the next step might be do a few more, say 20, (Ive done about 10 so far) and then start to introduce colour- maybe collage with paper and fabric, some stitched lines and gouache and ink.

The third drawing shows a cat quite like my cuddle cats in the face but I decided to give him legs this time and make him look less like a cuddle and more like a cat. I'll post some more sketches soon and show you how they progress into colour.


  1. That painting is extremely good! I tried to think what artist it reminds me of....but I couldn't ! It is very very unique to you!


  2. I have so many unfinished paintings lying around and I promise myself to finish them one day. Well done for finish the unfinished! :) Very good result too, love the choice of colours.

  3. I am loving your sketches - I just adore the style... the owl looks so amusing staring at the bird as if he is wondering what on earth it is. And the cat - such a happy face! x