Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Capture Cure

Last week I submitted an illustration to Capture Cure and I was pleased to find out they have put it on to the Capture Cure facebook page for voting. This means that if my artwork is in the top 36 for the most votes it goes into the Showcase Exhibition in Brick Lane and is auctioned off to raise money for Breakthrough Breast Cancer on the 1st September.

Its quite strange timing for my submission to be accepted because I heard my artwork would go on to the site on Friday afternoon. On Friday morning I was told by my oncologist I would no longer need to keep going to the hospital for check ups. You see in September 2008, when I was 28, I was diagnosed with Her 2+ breast cancer and the last couple of years have been filled with treatment (surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, targeted therapy, hormone therapy) so to find out I don't need to go back was a pretty huge deal for me. I still have a few years hormone therapy left and I will need to go for annual mammograms but really this is nothing in comparison.

For Capture Cure I decided to create a piece that said thank you to everyone. Thanks to my family and friends, to my doctors and nurses for the support I have been given over the last few years. I would love for you to vote for 'Thank you all' on the Capture Cure facebook page, but even if you don't feel you want to 'like' my work perhaps you could 'like' the Capture Cure page or find some of the other artworks you do like. Its for a very good cause.


  1. Sending you lots of love and hugs even though I haven't met you yet! What an ordeal to go through and what a wonderful relief to hear such good news! Your illustration is wobderful and I would certainly vote for it if I was on fB : )

  2. Well done Yvonne and what a lovely piece of work. I'm a year behind you in the recovery from Breast Cancer but fighting hard too! Good luck with Capture Cure

  3. Really happy to hear that you are getting better. It's really a lovely illustration and I already liked it on fb :)
    All the best for a complete recovery.
    Tania xx