Thursday, 10 June 2010

Gouache, sketch and collage

A week or so ago I showed the first in a series of three paintings I have been working on, here is the second painting, I'm pretty sure its finished. Again this painting is to do with balance in the body and feelings about this balance being disrupted- think the reproductive system. I'm not going to describe every bit of the painting and what things mean, its my outlet for expressing myself without needing to do that. This is painted in gouache with collage so its perhaps not as expressive as if I had worked with oil, maybe more of an illustration.

The third painting in the set is not going well, it could take some time to finish, I just do a little and put it away (have done for all of them). I scribbled over part of it in pen too so now I have this to sort out.

I bought a new sketch book yesterday and think I'll do a few sketches here to lead up to creating a new painting/paintings.

Ive been really enjoying painting and drawing lately, Ive not been using the sewing machine much at all. I do jump about a fair bit. I think my folksy shop has been looking a bit jumbled lately as it reflects what I'm working on. Some people are so clear in their 'brand' and seem to know exactly where they are going- I hope I'll get there, but it might take some time. I'm trying not to think too much about selling and more about what I'm enjoying at the minute. I've started to send a couple of images of artwork to a zine or two so we'll see how that goes. I'm happy to be busy creating.


  1. Yes, I think it probably works much better as an illustration than an oil painting. It does have a freshness and an immediacy that sometimes gets lost in more constructed paintings.
    I totally agree about enjoying what you do without thinking too much of the outcome, that's what is all about.
    The rest are details :)
    Enjoy you day xx

  2. These are great! remind me of both Dali and Picasso, both my fav artists :) Well done xx