Saturday, 31 July 2010

Mail Art Exhibition

Today I ventured into Edinburgh city centre, I think the first time I've been there since I moved to St Andrews. It was pretty hectic but that was to be expected with the festival on. Had a little nose round some of the shops and paid Urban Outfitters in Princes Street a visit for the first time since it opened. I also took a trip up to Bread Street and popped into The Spider and the Fly in the Magpie market for a peek at the Cut-Click mail art exhibition. My work was there and I had wanted to see all the mail art together after spotting a few pictures going around twitter- it really looked great, very impressive (the shop was full of lots of goodies too). If you want to see any more pictures have a look at my flickr.


  1. Hi Yvonne! I was recently lamenting what I perceived to be the dearth of mail art in the U.S. poetry scene lately. I think it started drying up just as the Net took off in the mid-nineties. The hardcore people are still practicing but it seems the easy access to instant display of one's "mail art" often meant it stopped being mailed lol. My English friend Rob told me about your cool blog and I'm happy to have found it and added myself as a follower. Cheers! Bill

  2. I had no idea mail art was an art form in it's own right!! It reminds me of the envelope project I took part in over at Meet Me at Mikes in Australia


    I love your blog and your artwork... I've just signed up as a follower... And will add you to my UK blogroll when I get a moment!!