Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sketchstitch v Coramantic

Well its been a bit longer than a week since my last blog post - I did finish the painting I showed you though and a few more similar ones. I've decided to list my newest work in etsy and folksy. I think I will explore this style of artwork further and play around with subject matter, I'll keep you updated on this work through this blog. However, by no means am I saying I've found my style- and just to complicate things even more I've started up a new blog and etsy shop called Coramantic (my middle name is Cora and it sounds a bit romantic and frantic).

Coramantic is a bit like Sketchstitch' ugly sister, this will be my home to explore ugly cute work. Most of the work you will see at the moment has been done in gouache and ink. If you like this work I'd love for you to come and join me at my blog, shop or facebook. Its another branch for me to explore and its very early days yet.

I have noticed that my work seems to swing through different moods so its suited me to split things up like this- well I think it has, we'll see how things go. Just out of interest I'd love if you left a comment to let me know what you think of the two styles and if you have a preference, it really helps me to get some feedback x


  1. I'm off to check your new blog in a sec, but first wanted to comment. The little girl I bought from your new shop is cute, can't wait to receive it... though I prefer the big sister,lol. This butterfly girl above is soooo beautiful, and I love my little birds I bought from you earlier, and actually everything in your shop : )
    You have a really lovely style, but I think it's ok to experiment with different things, so keep on painting and show us more! : )
    Beata xx

  2. Hi Beata, thanks for the feedback, its great to hear you like the painting above. I find it very tricky to commit to only one style so I'm hoping working like this will give me a bit of balance. Hopefully hug-a-bug will be with you tomorrow
    Yvonne xx

  3. I've just visited your new blog and shop and I'm really impressed!You manage to fit an awful lot in a day..any tips?I honestly love both your different styles for different reasons and think it's a great idea to separate them.I love the calming colours and prettiness of your new sketchstitch work and the quirkiness and looseness of your coramantic work.Looking forward to seeing more:)xx

  4. Hi Cassandra, thank you for the compliments, I'm glad you enjoy both styles and agree spliting the types of work was the best idea. As for fitting it all into a day- I'm not sure, I think I'm a little obsessed and seem to be constantly involved in some artwork :0) xx

  5. Hi Yvonne, I like both your styles but I do really love the quirky Coramantic side of your work ;)

    Micki x

  6. I think both styles work for you but I do love ugly cute. A second shop is a great idea so you can explore both

    Kate x

  7. Thanks for the comments Micki and Kate, its great to hear you like Coramantic too- it does seem to work just now spliting myself up, I have given myself plenty to get on with though, thats for sure

    Yvonne x