Thursday, 4 March 2010

Jewellery class

Last night was my last time at my evening class for jewellery. I really enjoyed the six weeks, we did everything from bead work to enamel and resin. I found the enamel work the most exciting and enjoyed mixing colours and experimenting on different surfaces.

We mainly worked with copper and I had a go at making some buttons. I was pleased with the results and tried the enamel on some of my own buttons, Ive shown the buttons here (for a jewellery class I really did spend a lot of time making and coating buttons but I felt they would tie in with my own work- I did make a few necklaces!)

If you wanted to try enamel at home it should be fairly easy- my teacher Nicola suggested and it does look a pretty good site they seem to stock loads! It was the cold enamel I worked with and when Ive used up the buttons I made I think I will order a starter kit. You can even paint it on to plastic/polythene (I'm sure I read in the manual) then peel it off so you don't have to have it attached to another surface- wonderful and all new to me!

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