Sunday, 7 March 2010

Sunday morning mission

My mission for today is to go out and buy some ribbon locally which I think is going to be a bit of a challenge. Not been living near St Andrews for too long and I know lots of lovely craft gift shops but not shops to buy craft supplies. Could also do with looking for cedar curls or something similar but think that might be pushing the boat out! I normally go through to Edinburgh for my supplies but spending £10 on petrol to get some ribbon seems a bit crazy. I'm sure there will be some amazing craft supply shop just round the corner, its just finding it! I'm sure I could find all I need online but I prefer having a look at things like ribbon in the flesh.

Also will need to do a little tidying today- there is a saying, what is it- a tidy place is a tidy mind or something like that. What this picture says I'm not sure but this is what greeted me this morning.


  1. Hi came across your blog from craft forums. I am moving very near to you soon in Leuchars so I'll be watching your blog to see if you found any shops. Looking forward to getting back to the UK and doing some serious craft shopping.
    Love your jewellery class post and your cushion creatures are adorable.x

  2. Hi Shary, good to hear from you, yes Leuchars is just round the corner (Im actually in Balmullo not st Andrews but no one has ever heard of it- we are right next to Leuchars). All the craft shops I did find on Sunday were shut so when I actually get into one I'll post about it (I have one to try in Leven but I ended up cheating and doing a bit of shopping on ebay and it all arrived today).x