Monday, 8 March 2010

Soapy bubble

Just before Christmas I made up my first ever batch of soap- cold process style. You have to leave it for around 4-6 weeks before it is suitable for use because it contains sodium hydroxide (at the end of the process however, there is none of this left in the final soap- saponification). I decided today was the day to take it out and see how it was. I got my recipe and ingredients from the soap kitchen. The picture here shows the soap when it was first turned out of the mould (it was wrapped in a towel at the back of the garage for the last 10 weeks until it was no longer caustic).

To scent and colour my soap I used orange essential oil and ginger. It smells pretty good and gave a nice foamy lather. I have sliced it up into bars ready for use, I do think it looks more like tablet though than soap, not sure it would taste so good.

Here is one of the bars wrapped up in paper and tied with ribbon. I think I will give most of it away to family and friends, it was good fun to make, just like following a recipe, but VERY carefully!


  1. Well done you, I'd love to try making some but I doubt i'd have the patience :D x