Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Heart Cushion- machine embroidery

Last month I showed a design for a cushion I had been working on, a large pink heart with red felt wings and a happy face (kind of like a giant cushion cuddle!). I used dylon and hand stitching for the face on the original with a button for detail. I now have the two colourways I designed in the next stage back from the company they are for, machine embroidered- here are some close ups. Let me know which one you prefer, I have a clear favourite but it would be interesting to see if everyone feels the same.

I think for the backing on these I will have red gingham on the white version with bright red felt wings. For the pink version I will have a pale pink with a tiny floral pattern for the backing, again with bright red felt wings.


  1. Wow - your stitching is perfect, so much detail - i love them both but if i had to choose one it would have to be he pink one (it must be a girly thing!)x x

  2. These are done through machine emboidery on the computer by a company I am doing a few designs for- I wish my stitching was that perfect, lol x

    I think I will edit my blog post slightly

  3. Have now found your blog, going over to Folksy for the swap!! Those cushions are to die for. Oh the pink one is my favorite. Kx

  4. My favourite is the white so its good to know others like the pink version.